Asian Giant Hornet

Information about the Asian Giant Hornet

At this time, the Asian giant hornet is not present in the state of Georgia. However, sightings and/or disturbances to honey bee colonies should be reported. If you think you have seen an Asian giant hornet, found evidence of an attack (decapitated or ripped apart bees) or have a specimen, please contact your County Extension Office immediately. They will be able to collect your information and any specimens for identification. You can call 1-800-ASK-UGA1 to find an agent near you.

Below is a graphic with pictures of some lookalike species:

Bumble bee — wrong color thorax

Honey bee — wrong color thorax

Black and yellow mud dauber — constricted abdomen

Bald-faced hornet — abdomen not striped

Southern yellowjacket wrong color thorax

Easter cicada killer — abdomen not fully striped

Paper wasps — thorax not fully brown

European hornet — thorax not fully brown

Asian Giant Hornet and its Southeastern U.S. Lookalikes