Welsh Honey Show

Welsh Honey Show 2020

We urge all YHBI participants to enter the Institute Honey Show, even if you’ve never competed before.

The show rules have changed, please read them carefully as you prepare your entry.

2020 UGA & Young Harris College Beekeeping Institute Welsh Honey Show Rules and Regulations

Show Information

  • Only registered Institute participants may enter.
  • Judges, stewards, and show secretary are disqualified from competition.
  • Institute reserves the right to limit the number of entries on a first-come, first-admitted basis.
  • There are twenty seven show classes:

     Class 1: Extracted Honey
          a. Light
          b. Amber           
          c. Dark
     Class 2: Creamed Honey 
     Class 3: Chunk Comb Honey
     Class 4: Cut Comb Honey
     Class 5: Section Comb honey
     Class 6: Full Frame
     Class 7: Novice
     Class 8: Commercial
     Class 9: Black jar
     Class 10: Beeswax Block
     Class 11: Beeswax Candles
          a. Dipped Tapers
          b. Molded Tapers
     Class 12: Molded Ornamental Beeswax Candles
     Class 13:  Meads
          a. Sweet Meads
          b. Dry Meads
     Class 14: Braggot (Beer & Ale made with honey)
     Class 15: Honey Beverages
          a. Alcoholic
          b. Non-alcoholic
     Class 16: Honey Cake (traditional)
     Class 17: Honey Cake (open recipe)
     Class 18: Honey Breads
     Class 19: Honey Confections
     Class 20: Artwork Related to Beekeeping
     Class 21: Poetry Related to Beekeeping
     Class 22: Crafts Related to Beekeeping
     Class 23: Needlecraft Related to Beekeeping
     Class 24: Notions, Potions, & Lotions
     Class 25: Beekeeping Gadgets
     Class 26: Photographs Related to Beekeeping
     Class 27: Electronic Media Related to Beekeeping