2023 Pollinator Garden Flat Sale Huge Success
We want to thank everyone for purchasing the UGA Bee Lab's pollinator garden flats. Due to the number of folks excited about pollinators, there were over 60 new pollinator gardens created in Georgia this month. Think of all the bees, butterflies and hummingbirds being fed! We choose plants suitable for Georgia that bloom at different times of the year and attract a variety of different pollinators. All proceeds from this year's sale went towards supporting bee research. This was our first year growing and selling these flowers and we learned a lot. We plan to have another sale on Earth Day, April 20, 2024. If you have any questions about our pollinator garden flats, pollinator flowers or have suggestions on plants, please reach out to Jennifer at jbee@uga.edu.

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Honeybee Control and Removal certification training is underway. A class held at UGA-Griffin by Extension entomologist Dan Suiter covered state and federal laws, honeybee identification, removal techniques and more. CAES News
Georgia offers new honeybee control and removal certification
When a swarm of honeybees takes up residence in your house, you may not know who to call to help safely relocate the pollinators and preserve your home in the process. Thanks to a new certification program through the Georgia Department of Agriculture called Honeybee Control and Removal, it will be easier for residents to locate licensed professionals to handle the job.
Honeybee research CAES News
CAES partners with Dalan Animal Health to advance world's first honey bee vaccine
Vaccines are a proven benefit in the world of animal science. Producers have vaccinated livestock and pet owners have vaccinated dogs and cats for decades. Soon beekeepers may be able to protect their colonies through vaccination. The University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and Dalan Animal Health have teamed up to advance the world’s first honey bee vaccine.
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Our research addresses sustainable bee health management issues as well as more basic questions on bee pollination and foraging ecology. The UGA Bee Program aims to develop research, teaching and extension initiatives that are locally responsive while globally relevant.

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