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Delaplane, K.S. 2007. First Lessons in Beekeeping. Dadant & Sons, Hamilton, Illinois, 176 pp.

Book and video set on beginning beekeeping:
Delaplane, K.S. 2006. Honey Bees and Beekeeping: A Year in the Life of an Apiary. 3rd edition. The Georgia Center for Continuing Education, 108 pp. Orders may be placed directly through the Georgia Center for Continuing Education (call: 1-800-359-4040).

Webster, T.C. & K.S. Delaplane (editors). 2001. Mites of the Honey Bee. Dadant & Sons, Hamilton, Illinois, 280 pp.

Delaplane, K.S. & D.F. Mayer. 2000. Crop Pollination by Bees. CAB International, Oxon, United Kingdom, 344 pp.

Winner, Silver Medal, Academic Books, Apimondia Congress, South Africa 2001



Reference Books

Bees and beekeeping:

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