The UGA honey bee research program invites individuals, associations, corporations, and estates to partner with us financially in the pursuit of knowledge to improve our understanding of honey bees and their roles in crop pollination and honey production.

We depend on honey bees and other pollinators for up to 1/3 of the food that we eat, which makes up almost the entirety of the fun and exciting food (brightly colored & flavorful fruits, vegetables and nuts) that distinguish our pleasant, first-world diet from the basic grain (e.g., rice, barley, wheat, and corn) diet of sustenance-level societies. With steadily decreasing forage, increasing toxicity from pesticides and pollution, and the introduction of foreign parastites and diseases in our environment, it is very difficult now to be a honey bee - as evidenced by significant and widely-reported population losses in recent years! And, they need our help.

Further, during times of intense public budget-cutting, private sources of research funding are especially important. Gifts of any size are welcomed, acknowledged, and put to practical use in such areas as bee hive equipment, medication & supplies, lab operations & overhead, as well as data gathering, analysis & reporting.

Unrestricted Gifts

Thoughtful gifts from environmentally-conscientious individuals, clubs, other groups and even school or event fundraisers make up an important part of the support that sustains our important, ongoing work. Such gifts are welcome on a one-time-basis, or as a recurring monthly or annual commitment.

The most flexible category of giving falls under "UNRESTRICTED GIFTS."

To make an unrestricted gift:
[1] make out your check or money order to the University of Georgia,
[2] write and sign a brief cover letter simply stating the following, "Please accept my enclosed check for $ as an unrestricted gift to support the honey bee program," and
[3] enclose your check and letter in an envelope, and mail to:
Dr. Keith Delaplane
UGA Department of Entomology
413 Biological Sciences Building
Athens, GA 30602

Please note:
* DO NOT write anything in the "For" space on your check.
* DO NOT mention "research" or "grant" in your cover letter, as these words imply that the University of Georgia is entering into a contractual agreement. It's a case of the simpler the better.

Similarly, another unrestricted gift category falls under the Georgia 4-H Foundation. Checks are made out to the Georgia 4-H Foundation and accompanied by a letter similar to that above (see #2). The main difference with a 4-H Foundation gift is that it cannot be used for student wages, but it is the most liquid and easily administered at our end.

Larger Gifts and Endowments

Larger gifts and endowments are handled through a dedicated office at the University.

More information is available on the Myron Schaer Memorial Endowment page at this website. For those interested in this level of giving, please contact:

Mary Ann Parsons Senior Director of Development
Office of Development and Alumni Relations