UGA Honey Bee Lab Help

What is the UGA Honey Bee Lab doing to help?

Honey bees have been the subject of research and teaching at UGA for decades. The program strives to develop initiatives that are locally responsive, while at the same time globally relevant.


  • Studies sustainable bee health management in addition to bee pollination and foraging ecology.
  • Leader of the Managed Pollinator Coordinated Agricultural Project, a $4.1 million, national research effort to reverse pollinator decline.
  • Performs DNA and RNA extraction on honey bees for detection and quantification of parasites and pathogens.

Teaching and Extension:

  • Presents the latest information and research to beekeeping, garden and other interested associations, locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Helps coordinate the Young Harris Beekeeping Institute, which connects beekeepers with some of the greatest scientists and educators in the word.
  • Administers the Georgia Master Beekeeper Program and the Welsh Honey Judge Certification Program.